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EASYCLUB: USE ETH to become a multi-millionaire game!August 28, 2019, 02:03:56 PM #1

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Welcome to Easy Club!

This is a subversive revolutionary era!
Blockchain technology is the future trend!
Smart contracts are the next trend!
Smart contracts will be applied in all walks of life in the future, make data more transparent and fair,ensure the data can’t be tampered with.

When smart contracts and financial management game collide, EASYCLUB has born…


EC is short for EASYCLUB, the world's first smart contract game asset value ecology based on ETH underlying technology.

EASYCLUB is a simple and easy-to-operate, low-risk financial game; it is also a smart protocol developed by the financial model deployed on the Ethereum public chain.

Ultimately, EC wants to create a wealth management game in a smart, contractual value ecosystem that is fair, just, open and transparent to all investors;

Smart contracts enable game assets to achieve better value-added, controls all investors to enter ETH with low risk, and multiply the wealth!

In recent years, the frenzy of digital currency has attracted a large number of talents and capitals of traditional industries. In the future, blockchain will realize large-scale commercial landing application, and distributed application of blockchain will spread all over the life.

And the first need must be the game industry with the participation of the whole people and data as the king.

In the past years, blockchain games data was on the game developer's server, and the revenue that each paid a lot of time may be vanish overnight.

In EC smart contracts, distributed applications are inextricably modified. The blockchain architecture naturally eliminates cheating in all games. The fairness of the game is guaranteed, and the assets and wealth inside the game can realize the actual value.

Once the EC Smart Contract starts running, even if there is no player, the game will always work.

Who are we?OK, let is introduce ourselves then.

We are a team from IT elites around the world;
We are one of the early Ethereum development members;
We are the technical development team of Ethereum Smart Contracts;
We are the genius of business model design;
We are the EC design creator, but not the operator. The EC is set up on the ETH public chain. Once the chain starts running, it will never stop, and the entire smart contract will be triggered automatically.

EASYCLUB hopes to make blockchain games an opportunity to change the business form of the existing game industry and bring social value through the real smart contract game application. Let the players really participate in the game, grasp the direction of the game through open and transparent data, and also be able to dominate their own destiny in the virtual world.
EC is willing to work hard for this new business ecosystem!

Our original intention: to create a 100% decentralized, fair and just intelligent contract financing platform to help all those who have dreams to succeed!

EASY CLUB Business Model
Everyone can only invest 1 ETH, then the dynamic and static earnings are 3.1 times outgoing.
First: 1% Daily income;
Second: Receive up to 10 generations of players daily income 10%, recommend several generations to receive;
For example, one recommender can receive one generation and five recommenders can receive five generations.
Third: Recommend Championship awards every day.
Every day, 5% of ETH's cash pool is added to the fund pool of Recommended Champion Award 10% of them are awarded to the recommended champion on that day, and the remaining 90% are rolled into the next round.

How EASY CLUB Starts Operating?
EASYCLUB is not only a simple and easy to operate, but also a small, big and low-risk financial management game.
It's also an intelligent protocol which is deployed on the public chain of ETH.
EASYCLUB DAPP website: ecgame.netlify.com

Participation mode 1:
You can enter the promoter promotion link through the DAPP browser of eth wallet, and click "join 1eth now" to participate in the game after entering the interface;

Join the registration link: https://ecgame.netlify.com/?r=0xBEa550B58C6C59533F4948C73b7949c3e5434462

Participation mode 2:
Transfer 1 eth directly to the contract address through Ethereum wallet such as trust / imtoken / wheat, and set the gas to 600000 in the upper right corner setting interface, with transaction data(optional)0 by tes is set as: 0xe492814f000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 + recommender's wallet address (ex. ox is removed), 0xBEa550B58C6C59533F4948C73b7949c3e5434462 ,which is set.
Click save and send after operation command;(Note: the above two ways of participation are registered through the promoter's promotion link or wallet address)

1ETH will give you a beautiful life!Hope you join EASYCLUB!

[EASYCLUB Open Source Website]:ecgame.netlify.com  and ecgame.github.io
[EASYCLUB E-Mail]:ecplayer@inbox.lv
Page source code download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eHxWFLlB4ogMX_bPckGpcxHKQkTP053d
Welcome to download the source code and upload the code to open source on major open source websites, such as github,gitlab,netlify,bitbucket,cloud…

EASYCLUB was first deployed on Netlify.

Netlify is everything you need to build fast, modern websites: continuous deployment, serverless functions, and so much more.

Article from:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5179614.0

Join the registration link: https://ecgame.netlify.com/?r=0xBEa550B58C6C59533F4948C73b7949c3e5434462