EC troubleshooting(English)

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Easy Club (EC)

EC is a smart contract developed based on the Ethereum technology chain. Its business logic protocol and financial data information are deployed at the height of Ethereum block.

No server, no domain name, no app, no background, no operator, all programs are built on the Ethereum smart contract, and can be operated through any decentralized wallet;

EC is a low threshold, low-risk, transparent and fair, small and broad decentralized financial management game;

1 Once the business logic agreement (bonus system) is put on the chain, the rules of the game can never be changed and can never be stopped;

2All financial data are stored and packed at the height of Ethereum block. All financial data and information are safe, transparent, open, fair and just, cannot be tampered with, and safe to withdraw.Withdraw at any time without the approval of any person or organization;

3All funds are stored in the designated contract address, and no individual or organization can use the transfer funds without permission. Only when they touch and reach the contract conditions, they can be used in accordance with the contract.To avoid the possibility of closing the network, encircling money and running away caused by the project side and external objective factors;

4 No mobile phone, email, ID card, bank card and other information registration is needed to participate in the game, only the decentralized Ethereum wallet address is needed to participate in the game, and no private information is disclosed at all, so that the fund and personal data information have no security risks;

Easyclub pool contract address


Easyclub DAPP open source website

DAPP website 1: 

DAPP website 2:


Analysis of easyclub business logic

1. Register with eth wallet address as ID, each wallet address can only invest 1eth;

When the investment in 1eth is out of 3.1eth, the player will re invest according to his / her wishes, and the system will open two options of "1eth investment and 2eth investment".

When the second eth is out of the game, players will make the second investment according to their wishes, and the system will open "the first eth investment, the second eth investment and the third eth investment".

Three options, two or more times out of EC single account can only invest 3eth at most;

2. The bonus system is divided into three parts:

First, the static dividend is 1% daily, and all players enjoy the static income fairly; if they do not participate in the dynamic, they can return the capital in 100 days, and exit 3.1eth in 310 days;

Second, according to the recommendation relationship, the dynamic bonus takes 10% of the player's daily chemical static status, and gets 10 generations at most. One person is recommended to receive one generation, and 10 people are recommended to receive 10 generations.

Third: 5% of the recommended champion award pool, 5% of the recommended champion fund
pool will be mobilized every day, 10% of the current day's fund pool will be awarded to the recommended champion, the remaining 90% plus 5% of the next day's eth5 will be mobilized as
the new round of fund pool, 10% of the updated fund pool will be awarded to the new round of recommended champion, and so on;

Fourth: founding team 3%;

(Note: from the perspective of bonus allocation ratio, when entering eth100% and founding team 3%, the static bonus + dynamic bonus + recommended champion prize pool account for 97% of
the total, in other words, the bonus system allocation ratio reaches 97%. The overall business model is simple and easy to copy, the system has no traps, the financial system is transparent and open, the static part is fair and just to all players, the dynamic part and recommended champion prize pool Department Sub design fully stimulates the market, more work, more work, more energy)

3. Register with eth wallet address as identity recognition to solve the problems of capital flow in and out and personal information security of players;

Each purse address can only be invested in the 1ETH design. It can be seen that no system design


has been used to induce the promotion of large bills. The founding team has no incentive to make money, reduce the bubble substantially, and provide all players with a low threshold, low
risk, transparent and fair financial management game.

4. Easyclub is based on the development of the Ethereum chain. It can be said that the whole business logic is the ecological application of Ethereum. Ethereum is not only the second largest digital currency in the world.

With a huge consensus mechanism, its strong technical support and extensive application scenarios determine the future value space of Ethereum;

In the long bear market, EC is a good way to earn Ethereum and store Ethereum effectively. When the bull market comes, you will get the harvest!

Easyclub operation explanation

Participation mode 1:
You can enter the promoter promotion link through the DAPP browser of eth wallet, and click "join 1eth now" to participate in the game after entering the interface;

Participation mode 2:
Transfer 1 eth directly to the contract address through Ethereum wallet such as trust / imtoken / wheat, and set the gas to 600000 in the upper right corner setting interface, with transaction data(optional)0 by tes is set as: 0xe492814f000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 + recommender's wallet address (ex. ox is removed), which is set.
Click save and send after operation command;(Note: the above two ways of participation are registered through the promoter's promotion link or wallet address)


Verify whether easyclub has a pseudo instruction method and whether it is decentralized

Operation experience analysis:

1. Air registration:

Method : transfer the Ethernet wallet such as trust / imtoken / wheat to the contract address directly to 1eth, and set the gas to 600000 in the upper right corner setting interface.

Transaction data (optional) 0 bytes is set to: 0xe492814f000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 + recommender wallet address (ex ox is removed)

After setting the operation instruction, click save and send (including the recommender);

Easy Club  EC轻松创富俱乐部 智能合约 去中心化

2. Withdrawal in the air:

Method 1 send 0eth directly to the contract address through trust / imtoken / wheat and other Ethereum wallets, trigger the instruction to withdraw the "undrawn income" part;

Method 2 send 0eth directly to the contract address through trust / imtoken / wheat and other Ethereum wallets, and set the transaction data in the upper right corner (optional)

0 bytes is set to: 0x946b817c. Click Save and send after setting the operation instruction to trigger the settlement of "unsettled income" part;


3. The daily chemical static dividend is settled according to the time stamp block (breaking the centralized server's unified settlement), and the bonus withdrawal can be triggered at any time within 24 hours to arrive at the account;

Read the contract address and export all operation instructions through the contract address and ABI on the website of

Step 1: input the website or and find out ABI file;

Step 2:copy and paste the contract address and ABI file on the myetherwallet page, and then access to export the operation instructions. The screenshot is as follows:

After calling out all operation instructions, you can determine whether there is any operation instruction such as violation!

How to query EC capital pool and financial flow through Ethereum official website

Go to the official website,
Enter the EC contract address 0x98AD263a95F1ab1AbFF41F4D44b07c3240251A0a , and the page can query the fund pool and financial flow;

Easy Club  EC轻松创富俱乐部 智能合约 去中心化


EASYCLUB foam and risk analysis

There are bubbles and risks in all financial management games. The key lies in analyzing and comparing the difference between the size of bubbles and the commercial logic in resolving capital mobility.

Tips for investment:
1 Easyclub is a 100% decentralized smart contract financing game! There are still bubbles and risks.The risk is that the business model is out of date, no one enters the site without eth, the capital flow is broken, the ETH of the capital pool is divided, the project enters the natural death, and you lose one eth;

2There are risks in investment, please invest carefully! Only 1eth investment is recommended! Welcome to EC, this is a new fair, safe and transparent game!